for me the f-22 is the best air fighter of the world, but it very heavy,it’s have the same trust/weight rapport that the rafale ,but one F-22 engine have the same trust of two rafale engine and one consuption higher. and it haven’t the multi-task capacty of the classique plane, the GPS bombe (the only bombe us by the raptor) is not solution for all situation, it’s can’t strick the moving target and the situation in th target can change(arrive of civil) beetween the introdution of the coordonner and the strick. for finish the stealh is not perfect, only two plan is nessecairy for detected the stealh figther because the radar ray of the first plane come back in the second plane and te raptor is detected. and more one french radar (the trans-horizon radar) have detected one B-2 in travel for the kosovo