Après une petite recherche sur le web: il s’agit de Cazaux:

Re: Small ***** at Cazaux

Postby RichC » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:19 am
I just came across it last night whilst browsing that area as i was bored, didn’t know it was Cazaux until i looked at one of the photos which described it as that. It’s in English for a reason, if it was directed towards the French then surely it would be in French. They don’t like speaking/writing in English if they don’t have to.
I have looked up on Google this morning and it seems it is well known. Someone asked the same question on PPrune in March this year. The quote says
« OQ LE 1/8 SMALL DICKS : « Au cul le 1/8 »

The 1/8 is the Saintonge sqn at Cazaux
The message is signed by the 2/8 Nice sqn (on the same base) »

Whilst a frenchman on a french forum suggests:-

OQ THE eighth SMALL DICKS:. « In the ass 1/8 » (Saintonge Squadron) is a squadron of the School Operational Transformation Cazaux
The message is signed by the 2/8 « Nice » is facing the same base, and this message is on their hangars »